Zeeshan Khan reacts to his row of bathrobes at the airport: “If Ranveer Singh had done …”



Kumkum actor Bhagya Zeeshan Khan, who was recently seen in a bathrobe at the airport, said people would have reacted differently if actor Ranveer Singh had done so. Zeeshan said people would not have made “hateful comments” about Ranveer. He added that he was described as “cheap and shameless” even though he “wore clothes inside” the bathrobe.

Recently, Zeeshan Khan shared a video on his YouTube channel where he was seen boarding a flight from Goa airport in a bathrobe. The video was titled, “They almost prevented me from boarding the Ft. KKB Cast & Crew flight.” “The Air India staff are a disappointment.”

Speaking to a big daily, Zeeshan said, “It was just for fun. I keep making these fun videos to keep my fans entertained and that was part of it. While some took it sportingly, a lot didn’t get the joke at all. If Ranveer Singh would have done it then people wouldn’t have sent those hateful comments. I thought I should do something that would make people laugh. There were people there. who called me cheap and shameless, but I was wearing clothes inside my bathrobe! There were so many hateful comments about me not following the airport rules. I don’t know why. Aren’t there people who make funny videos? ”

Zeeshan also said that Kumkum Bhagya’s cast call him “Khan in a robe” because they are aware that he loves to be in a bathrobe. “When we were filming in Goa for the show, I used to walk around in a bathrobe and it’s something that I find not only cool but also comfortable. After wearing those clothes and makeup for the shots , being comfortable is all an actor wants. My team members were okay too. Even I don’t want to offend anyone in any way, but I guess kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna, “he added.

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Earlier this year, Zeeshan opened up about his experience on the cast. “First of all, I think casting, one of the horrible truths in the industry, shouldn’t exist. When I was new I was told I wouldn’t do it big and we got together. laughed at me when I declined an offer in compromise. And that incident was heartbreaking. It breaks the morale of a lot of these actors. But I still made it to the top thanks to my hard work. Who’s laughing now? Zeeshan had told SpotboyE.


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