Zander Murray posted homophobic ‘hate mail’ from loyalist group

Scotland’s first openly gay footballer has hit back after receiving hate material posted by a loyalist group which branded homosexuality a ‘sin’.

On his Twitter account, Zander Murray posted photos of the package sent to him containing materials published by Northern Ireland-based group The Lord’s Work Trust – including a 16-page booklet titled “Homosexuality in Light of the Bible”.

The pamphlet claims AIDS has proven homosexuality to be ‘worse than smoking’ due to the health impact of the AIDS epidemic and accuses homosexuals of being more likely than heterosexual men to be pedophiles .

Murray, who came out as gay earlier this year, said: “Never mind the trolls on social media but get out there and send hateful messages to my club. Such awful words and so out of touch with reality.

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He joked that he showed his dog the stuff, adding: “I just told my little Zar, I think she said ‘Daddy, I’m going to poke their ass!’

The Lord’s Work Trust promotes churches in Northern Ireland which it says have “taken a public stand against the deception of Covid-19 and its resulting agenda”.

The photo showed three brochures which were delivered from Northern Ireland to Murray’s team, the Gala Fairydean Rovers.

The package included the tract on homosexuality as well as one titled “Atheism Shattered by Logic, Reason, and Divine Revelation” and another titled “An Inconvenient Truth,” which is an apology “on behalf of the ‘established church in its general failure to warn the lost about the place the Bible calls Hell’.

The Lord’s Work Trust claims to be a registered charity in Northern Ireland – although no record of this can be found on the region’s charity commission website.

It is unclear whether the organization sent the documents to Murray. The National contacted the organization to clarify this.

The group – which says it is ‘strongly opposed to Romanism’, a pejorative name for Catholicism – also recently released information about why it supports the Orange Order’s celebrations of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 , a decisive battle in England’s war to rule Ireland.

He also released material encouraging Christians to break lockdown rules because they claimed they were going against the word of the Bible by closing places of worship.

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