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Technology, design, science and science fiction noted Gizmodo turned its steely gaze to our humble surf space a few days ago in a broad feature that aimed to name “the best surfboards, wetsuits and accessories for surfing”. Now when I came across the title, specifically the word ‘accessories’, I was pretty sure the ‘best surfboard’ would be Gerry Lopez’s Costco special and so you can imagine my shock when the weight fight heavy hit John John Florence. shaper Jon Pyzel and Kolohe Andino meister Matt Biolos.

The winner?


Gizmod wrote:

Many professional surfers use Pyzel boards, and so for years I stayed away, thinking they were too advanced for me. That might be true for some of their shapes, but the Phantom (6’1″ round tail version) surprised me by being one of the friendliest boards I’ve ever tried. It paddles incredibly well and is very stable underfoot.It has a ton of ride going down the line, but it also turns effortlessly.

I’ve used this board in everything from 2-3 foot beach slops to 6+ foot straight spike runs, and the board hasn’t blinked an eye. In other words, it can crawl (i.e. catch small, weak waves) quite well, but can still hold a line when things get critical. It is also good with steep and late drops. I went with the five fin version so I could fly it as a thruster (three fins) or a quad (four fins). It’s so versatile that if I could only have one board it would probably be this one. When things start to get into the double overhead range (8ft+) you’ll probably want to up the ante, and I actually found a 6’6″ Pyzel tank for $300 on Craigslist that I use for these big days. But for everyday conditions, the Phantom is a dream.

Biolos did not leave the ring empty-handed as his Lost + Lib Tech Quiver Killer was named Best Travel Board.

Good enough.

7till8 won the award for best wetsuit, Roark won the boardshort category and Dryrobe Advanced Long Sleeve won the award for best changing dress.

Do you use a changing robe?

Neither do I.

Celebrate the rest of the winners here.

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