Wisconsin politician seeks to protect hate speech online – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM


The rules of social media are pretty clear. The companies that exploit them have the right to restrict or ban users, for just about any reason. But a Wisconsin state senator is crying out loud, saying he is being silenced for his conservative views. It’s laughable. Former La Crosse Senator Julian Bradley, who now represents part of Southeastern Wisconsin, introduces legislation that provides fines, up to a quarter of a million dollars, for social media companies that ban elected officials to use them. This follows the ban of former President Donald Trump, whose rhetoric before the attack on the U.S. Capitol had him banned from Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube. Bradley claims they shouldn’t be able to do this. But Facebook and others are private companies, free to set their own rules. They are not government regulated utilities. Users must agree to their terms of service when registering. This is when they give up their rights to determine how their content will be treated. Many people, not just politicians, have been banned for hateful or offensive speech. It’s not censorship. It is simply a matter of applying the rules that they have established. If people, especially politicians, cannot follow these rules, then they are rightfully banned from this platform.

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