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Posted on October 16, 2021 at 9:39 a.m. by West Sider

A rendering of what one of the new poles would look like on 67th Street and Broadway. Via DOITT.

The LinkNYC sites that have sprouted up across the neighborhood in recent years may get a new addition – 5G towers meant to deliver super-fast service to New Yorkers.

The proposed towers would rise 32 feet in the air, compared to the 10-foot towers currently at the venues. The city’s Public Design Commission revealed the renderings and specs in a presentation ahead of a meeting on October 18, as first reported by Crain’s. LinkNYC kiosks now have free phone and Internet service.

Currently, most of the city’s cellular services are 4G (fourth generation), but the 5G standard is spreading across the country and around the world. “Growth from 4G to 5G will require the installation of larger pole-mounted equipment and will make faster and better service equitably available in all parts of the city,” the design commission said. . The commission says that the height of the posts is similar to that of the posts already present in many streets of the city. And it says the transmitter must be at least 19.5 feet tall. The poles may or may not also have screens displaying advertisements.

Telecommunications companies can ask to reserve spaces on the poles that the city sets up. The commission says 90% of the poles will be placed above 96th Street or in boroughs outside of Manhattan “to extend connectivity to underserved communities.”

Members of the public who wish to submit comments directly to DoITT can send an email to 5GDesignFeedback@doitt.nyc.gov. To submit comments directly to the PDC, send an email to designcommission@cityhall.nyc.gov.


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