“We’re supposed to hate each other but we had way too much fun” – Amy Huberman on working with film legend Jane Seymour



Amy Huberman described her work alongside film legend Jane Seymour as “amazing”.

culminating in Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything on RTÉ, the Finding Joy star said Seymour had “incredible energy.”

Huberman has been working on Harry Wild, a new Acorn TV series over the summer months that will air next year. The main character is played by actress Jane Seymour.

The eight-part series will revolve around retired English literature teacher Harriet Wild, who finds himself moving in with her police detective son after being assaulted.

She said the iconic actress was’ amazing ‘working with her, she said,’ She’s the star of the show and I only play her stepdaughter songs and we’re supposed to hate each other but we we’re having too much fun in real life.

“She has incredible energy and she really wanted to explore Ireland so she’s been to Wexford with us a few times but you get the panic when you invite someone over and they live in California,” he said. she declared.

She joked about bringing a Bond girl to the beach and eating cornettos.

She said: “I took her to the beach and she had a crutch because she had injured her leg and I was so scared that she would like to break her leg again and there is just had side rain. “

Huberman gave birth to her third child with rugby star Brian O ‘Driscoll last December. Baby Ted joined siblings Sadie and Billy, who the couple welcomed in 2013 and 2014.

The 42-year-old called the lockdown “chaotic” but said there were good days and bad days.

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“It was a long lockdown, there were times that were lovely and we had time at home and I had our little baby kind of in the middle of it all so there were some nice parts but it was as terrifying and frustrating as everyone else was.

“There have been good and bad days and lonely days,” she added.

The actress documented Brian’s various hobbies during the pandemic on her Instagram page and joked that he had become Builder Bob.

“He went crazy with the baking, we ate a lot of bread, but again a lot of his job got undone and he’s a man of action, so he just did it.

“I stood there rehashing him, but he was good company during what was a crazy time,” she said.

Huberman said she was really looking forward to returning to work once the restrictions were relaxed, but joked that it took a while for her to readjust to social interaction.

“I really missed going to work, when the first lockdown started I had just finished a really intensive amount of work so I was ready.

“Then when things got a little better, and because I had the baby also because normally I would suffer from mum’s guilt, but this time I was like ‘goodbye’!

“But it was really exciting, my first day on set. I did a few days on a drama this summer and it was so much fun, but I kind of realized how much I hadn’t been with anyone.

“I had a great day on the set and I was chatting with everyone, and there was the whole team and I was in the car on the way home and I was like ‘that was so awesome’ .

“And then I came home and threw up.

“I was like an over-excited kid at a party like I saw too much and talked too much but got better,” she said.

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