Wednesday FTB: hockey is not immune to hatred

Hard to think about hockey after 19 elementary school students were murdered in Uvalde, Texas yesterday. Be indignant. To have a broken heart. Demand change. Even here, where mass shootings of minority people are increasingly common (Quebec, London, Nova Scotia, Scarborough, Danforth), demand tougher gun laws and speak out against hate. Actively vocal.

In hockey, Nazem Kadri had to explain that the hatred and threats he receives are a regular and common phenomenon for him and his family. Sonny Sachdeva had a thread on his twitter and wrote this story.

Also in hockey, Evander Kane gets a redemption arc from the national media and in Edmonton. I would like these people to finish their sentences on what he redeems himself from and if the points in a hockey game are compatible with this narrative. The Oilers beat the Flames 5-3, despite Mike Smith allowing a shorthanded goal at 175 feet.

Billie Jean King has worked with the PWHPA as an advisor for three years, but has now formalized her relationship with the union, as well as her LA Dodger co-owners, to launch a fully funded and resourced professional women’s hockey league. . January 2023. A bit of background on this Nafio situation when they shared this article with me is that the CWHL was also created very quickly during its formation, and the PWHPA has a lot more groundwork completed at this point. When official league announcements arrive, they will arrive quickly, but the process will not be rushed. Hailey Salvian unlocked this article on The Athletic and includes previously reported league news.

In the playoffs, the Rangers tied their series with the Hurricanes 2-2. The Hurricanes have never lost at home or won on the road, so maintaining the home ice advantage could prove vital. In the West, Edmonton beat Calgary to move up 3-1 in their series. The Lightning are sitting well today as Colorado tries to get rid of the bin the Blues in five games.

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