“We have decided not to allow hate in his comments”

Dwyane Wade isn’t letting the internet disturb his daughter’s peace and the fans are here for it.

The retired NBA player took to Twitter on Thursday to explain why comments have been restricted under Zaya’s Instagram.

The conversation started after a seemingly well-meaning user asked Dwyane if he could comment under Zaya’s photos to show his support. (The original post has since been deleted.)

Wade quoted the tweet explaining that his comments were limited to reduce the spread of hate.

“For Zaya’s sanity and privacy, we have decided not to allow hate in her comments,” he tweeted. “Thank you for wanting to spread and send love to her,” he wrote.

Responses were filled with fans supporting Wade’s stance and thanking him for putting Zaya’s well-being first.

“PERIOD! And that’s to put your child’s well-being first. She doesn’t need our feedback to tell us that she serves non-stop in every photo posted because she has a strong support system and real at home and we love to see it.” shared one user.

“As someone who would also like to comment, I wholeheartedly honor and appreciate the way you and Gabby come forward to protect her. I’ve been a member of the ballroom scene for 20 years and it brings me so much joy to see a different and protected life experience for a black girl of trans experience,” another tweeted.

Others took the opportunity to assure Wade that his daughter has a community of internet supporters who are more than happy to cheer him on on IRL.

“Love this baby protection. Hope she knows she has a whole community of support online from many of us here,” one user tweeted.

“This is how you parent. A lot of people could learn to protect their kids like Dwyane Wade does,” another wrote.

Limited commentary aside, Zaya is still making major moves. In September, she shared some looks from her campaign with Tiffany & Co with the caption “Dreams come true.”

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