Was Brittney Cooper’s CRT Comment Hate Speech? Professor Rutgers’ anti-White rant sparks outrage



Calls for Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper to be investigated for hate crime grow stronger after calling white people “bad guys” and saying “we have to get these motherfuckers out” during a discussion of Critical Race Theory (CRT)

On September 21, Cooper was speaking at an event titled “Unboxing Attacks on Critical Race Theory,” where she made controversial statements such as “Critical Race Theory Is Only Teaching appropriate of American history “. She also added comments such as “I wouldn’t be mad at black people wanting them back” and “Whites are committed to being bad guys overall.”

Cooper, who is an associate professor in the Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Rutgers University, launched an anti-white tirade during the session hosted by The Root. “Like, the thing I want to tell you is we need to get these motherfuckers out. But, like, we can’t say that, can we? We can’t say, like, I don’t. do not believe in a project of violence. I really do not do it “, we heard in a clip.


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Cooper also said that she believes “whites” are not “eternal”. She continued, “But I fundamentally believe that things that have a beginning have an end. All things that begin end. Whites are not infinite and eternal, are they? They are not going to last there. “infinite and infinite. And it’s super important to remember that white colonialism and imperialism have a beginning. And in my way of thinking about the world, that means it has an end.

“She incites a hate crime against all white people”

After the clip went viral on Twitter, people started calling both Cooper and the college, calling his comments a hate crime. “Rutgers needs to fire Brittney Cooper. She’s inciting a hate crime against all white people in her class. Her sentences aren’t even grammatically correct. How did Rutgers hire this person? Students are brainwashed into hating each other. . Don’t send your child to Rutger! ” one of them said, while another noted: “This CRAZY MOUTH RACIST educates ?? How does this RACIST 1) have a job – RUTGERS ?? and 2) don’t do ‘under investigation for hate crimes – threats, harassment, incitement to violence -‘ get those MF’ers out! ‘ motivated by prejudice / prejudice against someone’s race, color, origin, ethnicity … “

A third noted: “Where’s the @DOJ Merrick Garland with his Terror Response Team response to this threat of violence from Professor Rutgers. It sounds like a racial hate crime. I’m sure the DOJ will make it happen. . ” The next one commented, “Would that be considered incitement to violence? Obviously that’s extreme racism. Should be fired to begin with.” One commentator tweeted: “This is what is wrong with the current Marxist and hate education / indoctrination system !!!” Another said: “Is incitement to hatred against a group of people the raison d’être of Rutgers? #UniteNotDivide.” One person responded by saying: “A real real life, except a racist, who has a platform to spit out his racist hatred and his agenda against whites. This is not his complete rant against whites, it is much worse. Why does Rutgers allow this person to teach him racism and contempt and threat? If that was reversed, we wouldn’t allow it. “

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