Vulnerable Roma Roma living in fear after Newry’s thugs racial hatred campaign


A vulnerable Roma gypsy from Newry says she lives in fear for her life after a campaign of sustained racial hatred against her.

Recently, Rinee Boswell said she woke up to find racist thugs had spray-painted crosshairs on her Killeavy Road bungalow.

The incident was reported as a hate crime, but police now say they don’t think there was anything untoward – something they can’t figure out.

“It was sprayed on the window as clear as the day,” she said. “Otherwise, why would I report it to the police?” I know what I saw.

But the 64-year-old has already suffered several shocking attacks since the unrest began last fall.


Bigots even started targeting Rinee’s paid caregiver Martin McCabe through a sinister social media campaign and threats.

Bigots even started targeting Rinee’s paid caregiver Martin McCabe through a sinister social media campaign and threats.

And fanatics have even started targeting his paid caregiver, Martin McCabe, through a sinister social media campaign and threats.

“Just before midnight on Christmas Eve, someone threw a huge rock out of my bedroom window and it landed on my bed,” says Rinee.

“I was making dinner for Christmas Day but usually I would have been in bed by then. hit on the head, but I would have been torn to shreds by shattered glass.

“It was terrifying to think that someone would want to do this to me just because I’m a Gypsy Roma. It completely ruined my Christmas. I couldn’t eat a bite or even have a cup of tea. completely destroys the nerves. “

In the weeks leading up to the cowardly attack, Rinee had already suffered a series of disturbing incidents, including a used bullet casing being posted in her mailbox and her car windows smashing during of a separate incident.

And the mother of five who now lives alone has also been called a “dirty gypsy g ***** d”.

“They try to intimidate me out of my house and out of the region but I’m not going anywhere,” says Rinee. “I have a bad heart and I have depression and I need a caregiver to help take care of me. They are really brave men who take after someone like me.”

His caregiver Martin (43) told Sunday World he was disgusted with the way Rinee had been targeted.

“I have known Rinee for over 20 years,” he said. “We lived in the same apartments, then she rented a room in my house to help me pay the rent.

“Then she started to get sick. She had mental health problems, heart problems, and back pain and leg pain.

“I became her paid caregiver in 2006, and although I live in a different house now, I have looked after her ever since.

“She’s one of the cutest people you can meet. She’s so down to earth, and she would go out of her way to help others if she could.

“It’s disgusting what she went through just because she’s a Gypsy Roma.”

But Martin has also become a victim of the racist hate campaign.

“And now they’ve started to blame me for taking care of her,” he explains. “I was threatened and they set up a Facebook page to spread lies about both of us.

“We suspect we know who the ringleaders are, but the police can’t seem to do anything.

“I’m sick of hearing the same nonsense.”

Martin was involved in an altercation with two men who he said are involved in the campaign.

“One of them was a local man we had run into before, but he implicated a thug from Dundalk who is involved in a far-right group that opposes immigration.

“They had been circling Rinee’s house and mine for ages, then they stopped at my house. They were armed with a wheel wrench and a throwing stick. And I gave as much as I got. “

Martin says he called the police to report the incident, but his attackers made counterclaims and the PSNI couldn’t charge them with anything.

“I reported the Facebook page to the police, but they said it was anonymous, so there is nothing they can do about it that is a joke.

“We went to our lawyers to see what we could do and he told us to go to Sunday World to report it.”

PSNI told Sunday World: “A third party report of an incident at the property has been recorded as a hate crime, due to the perception of the person who reported. are shown to have nothing untoward. “

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