Ulster city urged to deal with Democrat protest signs containing ‘disgusting’ vulgar language – Daily Freeman


CITY OF ULSTER, NY – City Council members seek to uphold the rights of a city resident to demonstrate their contempt for President Joseph Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and State Governor Andrew Cuomo without that it involves profanity, vulgarity and rating R images.

The issue of the signs installed by Spencer Wilson at 188 Wrentham Street was discussed in a meeting Thursday, with officials saying that a Harris sign that uses a photograph with the use of the c word to describe female genitalia protrudes freedom of speech.

“If you walk down Wrentham Street… and see this place, this house, it’s disgusting,” City Councilor Rocco Secreto said.

The images include a photograph with swastikas drawn on Biden, a cartoon version of former President Donald Trump urinating on Biden, and a photo of New York Governor Cuomo holding a license plate with the phrase “IMA D— “, referring to the male genitals.

Until recently, Wilson also displayed banners that read “F— Biden and f — you for voting for him.”

City Councilor Eric Kitchen suggested officials try to talk to Wilson about removing some of the most offensive language or images

“Has anyone tried (to ask Wilson) to refuse this crass rhetoric and try to have a conversation with him?” ” he said

Chief Kyle Berardi said there had been interactions with Wilson on other matters, but “our past experience with him has not been great.

City officials said they are reviewing laws and court rulings that may apply to the exhibit

Complaints from residents say that the use of some of the images could be considered hate speech, which, along with vulgarity, should not be allowed near a school bus stop. They noted that screens rose shortly after Trump lost the 2020 election and got bigger and bigger over the past nine months.

At the Wrentham Street address after the meeting, a person claiming to be the owner refused to confirm he was Wilson, but said city officials could not force him to remove the display.

“They can’t force me to take it out,” he said. “It’s freedom of expression, the city can’t do anything about it.

When asked if the language used on the signs and posters was appropriate for children, the response was, “It is my right to address my government as I see fit.” … I don’t care about the neighbors, the kids or anything.

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