Twitter’s ‘safe mode’ to stop hate speech



Bombay: Finally, there is a silver lining for those who are harassed on Twitter or who are continually being trolled. Twitter’s latest test might give them some relief. Twitter is about to introduce a feature called “Safe Mode”. It will be a temporary line of defense for those who are continually being abused. This mode can be activated from the settings menu and it will act as an abuse filter for at least seven days.

Twitter is hoping that with this new feature it will be able to combat trolling and abuse. Both have become huge issues for the platform. “Safe Mode” will immediately flag accounts known to have posted hateful and unsolicited comments. These accounts will then be blocked for seven days. The feature will work automatically once activated. Twitter said the new “Safe Mode” would be tested on a small group of users.

The main intention of implementing the mode is to stop hate speech according to Twitter officials. “Our goal is to better protect the individual who receives tweets by reducing the prevalence and visibility of harmful remarks,” said Jarrod Doherty, Twitter product manager, as quoted by ‘’.

Like other social media platforms, Twitter relies on a combination of automated and human moderation to prevent abuse and hate speech. While Twitter has never officially stated how many human moderators it uses, a 2020 report from New York School of Business ‘NYU Stern’ suggested he had around 1,500 to deal with the 199 million. daily Twitter users around the world.

“While we’ve made progress in giving people more control over their security experience on Twitter, there is always more to do. “Safe mode” is a feature that allows you to automatically reduce disruptive interactions on Twitter, “another senior company official said.

A recent hate speech study produced by “Facts Against Hate” on behalf of the Finnish government found Twitter to be “the worst tech giants” when it comes to hate speech.


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