Twitch gears up to launch anti-hate tools for streamers



Twitch is preparing to launch new anti-hate tools for streamers. These tools give creators more control over who can join the conversation on their channel.

Editor known for the news Zach BusseyThe first to announce the statements of KotakuTwitch plans to add new features that will make it easier for broadcasters to restrict who can speak in the chat room, according to the post. It will work through cell phone or email verification system.

Twitch is currently closing accounts that violate their terms of service and engage in hate speech. However, this does not easily prevent the same users from opening new accounts and performing the same actions again. The new system, on the other hand, will allow content producers to make it a condition that the people who will participate in the chat during their broadcasts on the platform have verified their accounts via their mobile phone or their e-mail addresses, thus leaving the choice of only accounts confirmed to participate in chat to editors. The hope is that people who use hate speech in chat rooms do not fall into the “dark path” as they will lose their accounts and no longer be able to express themselves in related posts.

In the case of verification by phone, this change will mean that the accounts involved in these crimes will be held accountable if necessary and therefore think twice before engaging in such heinous acts. If they are wrong, they will need a second phone number to be able to comment again on the same broadcaster’s channel.

On a thread on the subject, Bussey shared a screenshot that gives an idea of ​​what the feature might look like on the Twitch interface. As seen in the tweet below, it looks like content producers will have full power to choose the account verification level of those who join their chat rooms.

On the chat verification page, it looks like streamers will have the right to choose all of these verification steps, some, or none of the entry requirements. Additional options also allow streamers to make exceptions for VIPs, Mods, and Members.

In early summer, Twitch came under fire for organized hate attacks on shows, and Twitch was asked to step up the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter. Twitch also announced that it is trying to take a series of improvement measures in this regard.

These tools have not been officially announced by Twitch at this time. Therefore, the release date of these vehicles is also uncertain. However, we are sure the Twitch community is eagerly awaiting this change.

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