Trump fans hate Tom Hanks like anyone else with THEM

Tom Hanks was trending on Twitter this morning, which is always a little scary considering how 2022 is going, but the Forrest Gump The star has just been shouted out by fans of former President Donald Trump for appearing in a video talking about the first year of the Biden/Harris administration. We all have opinions about how things are going right now, but those opinions don’t extend to Republican/Trump supporters. They have no say in it.

The video is relatively innocuous, just Hanks explaining that America is working to get better and we’re stronger today than we were last year at this time, which, yes, it’s true . Many of us have been vaccinated, the economy is picking up after what happened in 2020 and beyond, and the video is pointing out that there is still a long way to go after one year. So relatively harmless. There’s only Tom Hanks in it.

It’s now spawned many Republican/Trump fans who use it to share their hatred of “Hollywood’s elite” as if the man they’re supporting hasn’t made a name for himself from his TV show.

This is where we are

Yes, Hollywood likes to pick its battles, and it’s clearly a draw for the Biden administration to have some “influence” using Tom Hanks, but the fact that Trump fans are screaming about it and trying to doing something big against Hanks is laughable. It’s the group of people backing a failed reality TV star who has supporters like James Woods and Jon Voight, who believe the ghost of Abraham Lincoln guides Trump’s decisions.

Angry tweets from Trump fan Tom Hanks look a lot like this:

So they just spend their energy and their time angry because Tom Hanks appeared in a video for Biden. Okay. Good for you guys I guess!


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