Tim Pool Illustrates YouTube’s Failure to Moderate Anti-LGTBQ Hate Speech

Despite the fact that YouTube hate speech policy prohibits content “inciting violence or hatred against individuals or groups” based on protected characteristics, including gender identity and sexual orientation, the video remained online at the time of publication.

Meanwhile, YouTube continues to harvest financial benefits Pool’s presence on the platform. Pool, who has previously admitted that he thinks YouTube is more concerned with retaining advertisers than fighting misinformation, acknowledges this incentive and is clearly exploiting it.

YouTube’s refusal to crack down on Pool’s extremism reveals a deeper problem with allowing anti-LGBTQ rhetoric

Baselessly accusing LGBTQ people of being “healers” and “pedophiles” has been a constant issue on many social media platforms. However, in response to the platforms’ recent push to monitor this smear more closely, TikTok, Reddit and Meta (parent company of Facebook and Instagram) have all taken the step to clarify that such rhetoric violates their hate speech policies. . According to Goforth article as of July 20, the only company that did not respond when asked by the Daily Dot about this rhetoric was Google, which owns YouTube.

By allowing its rules against hate speech to remain nebulous, YouTube is refusing to take responsibility for a problem that goes far beyond this latest example from Pool. As previously reported by Media Matters, YouTube is full of false accusations that LGBTQ people groom children, with a particular focus on drag performers and those who discuss LGBTQ topics at school.

James Lindsay, a far-right author who helped perpetuate this false claim, said his use of the term began in October 2021 with his series titled “Grooming schools“, which he broadcasts on YouTube. Lindsay belongs to from YouTube partner programwhich allows him to benefit directly financially from his presence and his follow-up on the platform.

Pool isn’t the only content creator with a large following on YouTube who recently slandered the LGBTQ community with false accusations of rampant pedophilia – Daily Wire’s Candace Owens, whose channel has more than 750,000 subscribers, falsely claimed in April that “pedophilia is right around the corner” when discussing Disney’s commitment to LGBTQ inclusion. This plays into the slippery slope conspiracy theory pushed for years by extremists on 4chan, which falsely claims that the fight for LGBTQ rights will lead to more paedophilia.

Owens then called a teacher who lamented that she had to hide her marriage due to Florida’s “don’t say gay” law a “mentally unstable adult predator who has access to children, our children,” and ended the segment by saying, “We must not give these monsters and predators an inch.” Owens’ video remained online at the time of publication.

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