TikTok Marks Michael Gove’s Description of Scottish ‘Hate Speech’



Unattractive drunks who are usually in the London Underground, or even in Parliament, begging with “an outstretched palm”.

Michael Gove’s ‘comedic’ assessment of the Scottish people was not well received by the public in 1992.

His “A Stab in the Dark” Channel 4 show was canceled after just one series and audiences could be heard booing as he delivered his monologue about the Scots.

Gove’s skit was not well received by audiences when it resurfaced in 2019. One person said it showed he was a “numptie prize, even then.”

Now, Gove’s sketch hasn’t gone well with social media giant TikTok.

A renewed interest in our 2019 article on the clip, in which Gove talks about ‘the Scots’ ability to extract money from the English’, made us think that there were still a lot of people who didn’t. had not seen it.

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To remedy this, perhaps for the younger generations, The National posted the video on their TikTok account.

The video proved popular, with over 30,000 views overnight, but the language used by Gove about Scots was deemed inappropriate by the social media platform.

After just a few hours, the website identified the video of the current Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster as ‘hate speech’ and deleted it from its platform.

While we cannot say exactly what led to the withdrawal, it may be that Gove asserted that the Scots are “handicapped” by their “impenetrable” accent, or that: “Most of the Scots in London are not professional, they don’t do journalism, law or business, they are usually in the London Underground begging.

Regardless, the video has now been restored and can again be viewed on The National’s TikTok.


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