The least popular sports teams in the United States


Whether you’re an NFL fan, MLB more your thing, or you just can’t get enough of ice hockey (or maybe you love all three as well!), There are specific teams you support… and those you love to hate.

With football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer all incredibly popular across the United States, we wanted to see which teams were viewed the most negatively online.

Using Linkfluence, we accessed social listening data to analyze the negative sentiment of all teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS leagues between July 2020 and July 2021 to find out which teams are viewed the most. negatively online, at least by rate of negative posts.

Did your favorite team end up on the social media hate list? Keep reading to find out…

The Las Vegas Raiders are America’s least popular sports team

No one wants to be in the top spot, but sadly the Las Vegas Raiders are at the top of the list. The football team has a negative sentiment of 14.2%, almost 5% more than the second-place team, the NHL Dallas Stars.

Five of the 10 teams with the most negative sentiment are all from the NHL – with the Arizona Coyotes, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks and Buffalo Sabers joining the Dallas Stars in the top 10.

In fact, with 17 NHL teams on our roster, this league feels the most negative. In contrast, only nine NFL teams are in the top 50, and no MLB team, all of which have very low negative sentiment rates online.

But if we break it down into the major leagues, which teams are viewed the least positively overall? See if you can spot your favorites below …

The 10 NFL teams with the highest negative sentiment

Of the 32 teams, the Las Vegas Raiders are the most negative online NFL team, with 14.2% of posts mentioning them as negative. The Chicago Bears come in second with almost 50% less negative sentiment; the Denver Broncos aren’t far behind, with 7.96% of all posts about them negative.

Two Texas teams round out the top five NFL teams with the most negative sentiment: the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys.

The 10 NBA teams with the highest negative sentiment

When it comes to basketball, the Philadelphia 76ers are viewed the most negatively online, with 9.18% of all posts about them rated as negative. The second and third places are the Toronto Raptors and the Orlando Magic.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Denver Nuggets round out the top five most negative teams in the NBA, with 7.44% and 7.4% negative sentiment, respectively.

The 10 MLB teams with the highest negative sentiment

Comprised of 30 teams in total, the Washington Nationals take the crown as the team with the highest negative sentiment online at 5.69% – which may be the highest in MLB, but is lower than the rest of all other major leagues.

The New York Yankees (arguably the richest team in MLB) and the Texas Rangers are not far behind, with both of their negative sentiments above 5% as well.

The Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox round out the top five, although with less than 5% negative sentiment, there isn’t a lot of bad publicity about them on social media.

The 10 NHL teams with the highest negative sentiment

Looking at the National Hockey League, the Dallas Stars have the highest percentage of negative feelings of any hockey team at 9.86%, although the Arizona Coyotes aren’t far behind.

In third place are the Toronto Maple Leafs – perhaps the most well-known hockey team in all of Canada – followed by the Vancouver Canucks and Buffalo Sabers, all of whom scored negative sentiments above 8%.

The 10 MLS teams with the highest negative sentiment

Finally, looking at MLS, the team with the most negative conversations about it online is CF Montreal – the only Canadian team in the five leagues to come out on top. The LA Galaxy are just behind, with only a 0.14% difference between them.

Minnesota United FC has a negative sentiment of 7.01% online making it the third highest, with Atlanta United FC and Chicago Fire FC rounding out the top five.

Do you agree with the list or are you outraged that your favorite teams have high negative sentiment online? Let us know or take a look at betting odds and expert picks for your favorite sports.

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