Teenage Superman Fights “Hate and Anger” Online in Sina Grace’s YA Graphic Novel “The Harvests of Youth”

Sina Grace, known for her time at Marvel when they made Iceman gay, is moving to DC for a young adult graphic novel about Superman’s teenage years in Smallville, and all the usual suspects will be there, from Lana Lang to Lex Luthor.

Source: Superman Harvest of Youth Main Cast Broadcast

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The tale is called Superman: The Harvests of Youth, and was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con. Its plot revolves around the young Kryptonian struggling with the human mortality of those around him, the isolation that comes with his age, and struggling against online “hate and anger” communities.

“The book looks at a young Clark Kent, in Smallville High School, as he grapples with the mortality of his friends and family, the isolation of teenagers, and the seductive nature of online subcultures built around hatred and anger,” the summary begins. “It features characters familiar to long-time superfans like Lana Lang, as well as introducing new characters.”

Source: Superman Harvest of Youth main cover, DC Comics

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He continues, “Grace is joined on the book by interior colorist Cris Peter (casanova). Written and drawn by Sina Grace, the book promises to be a moving look at the struggles of growing up, and all the pressures and fear that surrounds it, and the joy of taking flight.

Also note for Ghost in LA and Rockstar and Softboy through Image, the writer and illustrator’s run at Marvel on Iceman lasted 11 issues before another mini-arc arrived in a reboot – and before his relationship with the House of Ideas came to an end. deteriorates rapidly.

Source: Superman: Harvest of Youth by Sina Grace, DC Comics

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Grace wrote an essay on Tumblr decrying how Marvel’s support system for LGBTQ writers and creatives is grossly unrealistic, and he took aim squarely at top editor CB Cebulski.

But despite how things went back then, Grace is open to returning to Marvel for a crack in the enigmatic creation of the Spider-Verse. Spider Bitch, and delivered his pitch on Twitter, in which he also noted his willingness to apologize to Cebulski.

A panel from Superman: The Harvests of Youth

Source: Superman: The Harvests of Youth, DC Comics

Any agreement reached on a Spider Bitch the miniseries has yet to be determined, but Superman: Harvests of Youth will be available in 2023.

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