Straight men do it again

The last horrible things that look funny to me come in the form of their sexist Christmas cards. For some reason, there is a tendency for men to have their wives and daughters taped over their mouths and tied up, sometimes even including the man and the sons raising their thumbs up, to show that there is now “peace on Earth” because the women in their lives have been silenced. Funny, isn’t it?

It’s horrible, and the fact that there is many versions of this card show that it is not just a bad one-time card! It’s a trend, and it makes me wonder if straight men are okay or not …

If my husband (whom I haven’t yet, then maybe that’s why) came to me and said, “Let’s take a picture that we will send to our families where I silenced you and I finally found peace. I would just respond with divorce papers. Not only is the joke rooted in sexism, it also makes the men in these photos look like they absolutely hate their families.

So if you plan to take a photo where anybody in your family is recorded and silenced because you think you don’t care or want to hear them talk, maybe not!

(image: Fox)

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