Shroud and Dr Disrespect Already Hate Warzone 2.0 DMZ Mode

You can’t always please everyone (Picture:

Warzone 2.0’s new mining mode split Twitch streamers in two, with many taking to social media to express their disdain for it.

The latest addition to the Call Of Duty franchise, Warzone 2.0, will officially launch in less than a week, on Wednesday November 17th.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 will also go live on the same day, adding a revamped battle pass to the game, which you can also level up by playing Warzone 2.0.

To thrill fans, Activision has invited a group of streamers to test out one of the battle royale’s new modes, a mining mode called DMZ – although, so far, it hasn’t had the effect expected by society.

One of the first people to criticize the DMZ mode was none other than Dr Disrespect, even though he never got a chance to play the game.

In fact, he wasn’t even invited to the promotional event, which isn’t a surprise since he’s been shunned by Activision for quite some time now.

In one of his recent streams, the Doc was watching DrLupo play the DMZ mod and, as always, it was quick to jump on the hate bandwagon.

‘Too much AI [artificial intelligence], just like unnecessary shooting and fighting. I know they want to keep you engaged, they want to make sure your senses are sharp,” Doc said.

On the other hand, Pestily wanted more AI in the game, so clearly there is no deal.

Later, the Doc also hinted that people would quickly get bored of the mode as he wondered how “deep” it went.

‘Does it get to a point where they might be doing the same things over and over again after a while? Or are there unique missions and objectives even after so many hours of playing this mode?’ he said.

It looks like Dr Disrespect will have to wait until the game officially launches in a few days if he wants to get his questions answered.

Unlike the Doc, top streamer Shroud had a chance to test out the DMZ mode at the Los Angeles event, but he wasn’t impressed either.

After hearing about the comparison between DMZ mode and Escape From Tarkov, he said that the former “isn’t even close” to the latter.

“You can’t even tell it’s Tarkov but laid back. It’s not even in the same field,” Shroud added later.

Towards the end of one of his games, he seemed to enjoy certain parts of the game, especially when his team was first inside a helicopter and had to defend it for 20 seconds before it took off.

“The best part was going, getting out of the game. How you move around on the helicopter, that was cool,” he said.

YouTuber Wildcat wasn’t too impressed with the DMZ mode either, saying there’s not much incentive to keep playing it. However, he suggested it could be solved with “the simplest concept”.

IceManIsaac even went further, suggesting that the launch of the DMZ mode should be “delayed until it’s ready”, and that at the moment the game seems “pointless”.

He also mentioned the lack of a market and economy in the game, agreeing with Wildcat’s opinion, and added that it looks like Plunder with AI and extractions.

TimTheTatman remained terse in his review, simply tweeting that DMZ was “meh” but Warzone 2.0 “was solid”.

So, it seems not everyone hates the new mode to the same extent.

Given that there are still a few days to go before the launch of Warzone 2.0, it’s possible the developers will implement some bug and glitches fixes, but it’s probably too late to change anything substantial.

According to some streamers, this might be exactly what we need.

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