Shrewsbury HS students involved in two recent hate speech incidents – CBS Boston

SHREWSBURY (CBS) – Students at Shrewsbury High School have been implicated in two recent incidents of hate speech. School principal Todd Bazydlo detailed the incidents in a letter to families on Friday.

In one case, Bazydlo said there was graffiti found in the toilet cubicles of two girls with the ‘N’ word written on it. There was also “sexist” graffiti that “promoted drug use”, according to Bazydlo.

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The graffiti was removed by guards after photos were taken to document it. School administrators have identified one of the students responsible, and they are still investigating who else may have played a role in the graffiti.

In a separate incident, students on a bus wrote humiliating sentences for Brazilian students on an iPad. They then showed the iPad to Brazilian students who were in a car behind the bus.

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The students involved in this incident have been identified.

Bazydlo called the students’ actions in both cases “extremely upsetting”.

“This news of the actions of a few individuals is extremely upsetting, and it is particularly painful for black and Brazilian members of our school community,” Bazydlo wrote.

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Bazydlo will hold a public meeting on Tuesday 23 November for students and staff to discuss next steps to “fight intolerance and hate”.

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