Scottish papers: Queen’s green plea and Biden’s ‘huge’ M8 convoy


Legend, Most of the front pages contain the Queen’s message to world leaders at the COP26 climate summit. The Times echoes the Queen’s reference to her “great pride” in the lead role played by her late husband “in encouraging people to protect our fragile planet”. Like many newspapers, it depicts the monarch giving his video address while wearing a green outfit with a butterfly brooch, which was an engagement gift from Prince Philip. Behind it is a photograph of the former Duke of Edinburgh surrounded by butterflies.
Legend, The Herald emphasizes the monarch’s message to “rise above politics” and “achieve a real sense of the state.” It represents what he calls a “remarkable” moment when world leaders including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden pose for a group photo at the Kelvingrove Museum during an evening reception hosted by the Prince Charles.
Legend, The Scottish Daily Express considers the message “deeply personal” and “full of pride” for Prince Philip, who was one of the early champions of environmental causes. The 95-year-old monarch also reminded delegates that “none of us will live forever,” the newspaper notes.
Legend, The Scottish Sun also focuses on the Queen’s tribute to her late husband, with the headline “Phil the Green”. Its front page features a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge, who visited a group of Boy Scouts in Glasgow on Monday.
Legend, The Daily Telegraph describes the speech, which was recorded at Windsor Castle on Friday after the monarch was forced to withdraw from a scheduled appearance on medical advice, as “his most important environmental intervention yet” .
Legend, The Queen issued a “deeply personal ultimatum”, reports the Scottish Daily Mail, saying many of those involved in the climate summit would not live to see the fruits of their actions. The newspaper called the moment a “poignant nod” to the “advancing years” of the monarch.
Legend, The Metro criticizes billionaires Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates for partying on “gas guzzling” superyachts as COP26 approaches before taking off to the summit in a private jet. He marks their actions as the “height of mycoprisia”.
Legend, Likewise, the Edinburgh Evening News questions President Biden’s decision to drop a “huge” convoy onto the M8 after landing at Edinburgh Airport on Air Force One.
Legend, The Daily Star of Scotland also evokes the arrival of the American leader, under the title “Hot Air Force One”. “Nothing says ‘save the planet’ more than using a Jumbo and traveling in a procession on the M8,” the newspaper said.
Legend, The Glasgow Times says police formed a “steel ring” to protect the US convoy from a group of protesters at the Kelvingrove Museum. The arrival of world leaders in Glasgow for the summit sparked a series of protests across the city.
Legend, The i reports that more than 100 world leaders will pledge to end and reverse deforestation by 2030, in the first major agreement of the COP26 climate summit. The newspaper says Brazil – where swathes of the Amazon rainforest have been logged – will be among the signatories on Tuesday.
Legend, The Daily Record leads with climate activist Greta Thunberg appearing at a meeting of young activists at Festival Park, near the COP26 campus. The Swedish teenager launched cries of “climate justice” and “more blah, blah, blah,” the newspaper reports.
Legend, Likewise, The Scotsman reports that Ms. Thunberg “denounced” those who “pretended to take our future seriously.” Meanwhile, north of the river, it is reported that world leaders were sitting “solemnly” telling stories of how climate change is destroying “entire lives and communities.”
Legend, The National focuses on the movements of Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Monday, when she met Ms Thunberg and Ugandan climate justice activist Vanessa Nakate. The document highlights Ms Sturgeon’s interview on CNN when she said a second Scottish independence referendum would “absolutely” take place in 2023.
Legend, Away from the climate summit, The Press and Journal reports on the winter challenges ahead for the NHS. He says the Scottish government has written to the universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow asking medical students to work as porters and auxiliaries to fill a “staff gap”.
Legend, The Courier reports that police have opened a hate crime investigation after a 15-year-old boy was assaulted and abused by homophobes.
Legend, The Evening Telegraph reports the living conditions of “fearful” residents in what it calls multi-story “drug den” apartments.
Legend, And the Evening Express leads with a pub owner who was caught with £ 1,600 in drugs after dealing at work.

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