Sara Pascoe says Hugh Grant’s birthday party was her worst gig: ‘He’s not doing well in this story’

Sara Pascoe said performing at Hugh Grant’s birthday party was her worst standing gig.

The comedian opened up about the experience during a recent interview with The Iwarning readers that Grant “doesn’t do well in this story”.

Pascoe told the publication: “No matter how well known or experienced you are, sometimes you’re going to go out and you won’t do very well.

“You play every time you go out. This fear makes him compulsive.

Talking about his show at Notting Hill star’s birthday party, Pascoe said it was “one of my worst gigs”.

“He’s not doing well in this story,” she said, explaining that Grant’s friends would like to throw actors’ parties with elements he will hate.

Pascoe said Grant’s friends asked him to wear a “no more page three” t-shirt and “do feminism on him” because “he’ll hate it.”

The Tyrant The star continued to say that Grant didn’t seem to appreciate his jokes.

“I think I was the 14th actress they asked. Everyone had said no,” she said.

Speaking about why she agreed to the gig, Pascoe said: “Partly for the story, partly because I was excited to meet him, and also because it was £300 in cash in an envelope.”

“Sometimes – I don’t know if you do this – you punish a future self. You say yes to things because you’re like, it’s not going to be me doing this, it’s going to be another version of me. Then you come to D-Day and you wonder why you agreed,” she said.

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