Prince Harry’s wife victim of million dollar hate campaign? The Sussex couple’s lifeline is said to be as complicated as it looks

Meghan Markle has been a favorite subject of criticism since she was first linked to Prince Harry in 2016. The former Combinations The actress received more convictions and was the subject of various controversies after marrying the Duke of Sussex.

Critics not only attack Meghan Markle’s physical appearance, but also her style of dress, her parenting manners and the way she acts in public. The Duchess of Sussex has even been accused of tricking Prince Harry into giving up royal life and living a life away from the UK, known as Megxit.

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Now new reports suggest Meghan Markle is the victim of a coordinated and lucrative online attack campaign. Keep reading to learn more.

Meghan Markle is one of the “most trolled” personalities on the planet

It was in 2019 that Meghan Markle discovered that she was one of the most criticized people in the world. While she was obviously sad to know this fact, Prince Harry’s wife opted not to reveal the stats on a podcast in order to elicit sympathy from her fans.

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However, based on her previous statements, Meghan Markle has hinted that all the criticism she received and the malicious rumors she got involved in had affected her in some way. She even explained how ‘racism’ in the palace helped her decide to quit the business and live a more peaceful life away from the royal family.

Interestingly, data analysis service Bot Sentinel revealed in its final report that Meghan Markle had been the victim of a targeted “hate business for profit”. He even claimed that an anti-Meghan YouTube channel category earned an estimated total of $3.48 million in the process while earning over 497 million combined views.

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Each of the YouTube content creators who targeted Meghan Markle reportedly raised around $494,730 from their videos. The three main creators also reportedly channeled their campaigns on Twitter, where they spread false information to royal experts and journalists.

Said analysis came after two reports from Bot Sentinel, where the extent to which Meghan Markle’s hate accounts have impacted news coverage was explored. It was even found that the majority of anti-Meghan Markle posts on Twitter came from fewer than 90 accounts, with an estimated combined reach of 17 million users.

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In the report, Bot Sentinel said:

“While we limited our investigation to 10 royal journalists and commentators, our research demonstrated that two royal experts amplified hate stories, and in at least one instance a hate story influenced a journalist’s reporting. We believe that several of the best-known and most active hate accounts were actively targeting journalists and royal commentators to increase their visibility and amplify their hate campaign, and in some cases they were successful.

Experts have claimed that the most alarming part of these coordinated attacks is that content creators receive a financial reward from YouTube. It was also discovered that the majority of hate campaigns against Meghan Markle were led by or involved white women, primarily motivated by “racism and YouTube advertising revenue”, aged between 38 and 65.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s lifeline apparently isn’t straightforward

Meanwhile, a former royal protection officer has shared his thoughts on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ongoing safety line. speaking on The morning showSimon Morgan revealed that the situation is actually more difficult than most people thought.

Simon Morgan, speaking on the safety issue of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, said:

“The initial request was for the return of their Police Protection Officers, who they both had before leaving the Royal Family in March 2020. Security for the Royal Family is cradle to grave, so the Duke of Sussex was used to it. The scenario here is actually buying police protection, not actually buying private security, which is what the Sussexes currently pay in the United States. So there is a difference and it’s not black and white, it’s really a gray area, and there’s a lot of things that need to be looked at rather than just saying, /should or shouldn’t he?'”

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As a reminder, Prince Harry previously revealed that he had been asking the British government for two years for extra security for his family during their visits to the country. Meghan Markle’s husband even expressed that he was ready to pay himself.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry currently employ their own security company in the United States. However, their US security team lacks the expertise or access to the British intelligence information needed to ensure their safety while visiting Britain.

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An anonymous source told Page Six:

“If Harry leaves, he will want security for himself and his family. If and when he decides to return to the UK, he needs security.

Prince Harry’s representatives revealed on Sunday that Meghan Markle’s husband had twice asked the British government to allow him to pay for his own security during the visit. The Duke of Sussex also requested a judicial review of the case in September 2021. However, both requests were dismissed.

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