Pokimane and JiDion Reveal Shock Collaboration After ‘Hate Raid’ Twitch Beef

Iman streamers”Pokimane“Anything and”JiDionshook the internet after appearing to team up on Twitter, despite JiDion being banned on Twitch from sending a “hate raid” to Pokimane’s stream.

For those unfamiliar with beef, it all started in January 2022, when JiDion ordered his followers to “hate the raid” on Pokimane’s livestream. While initially banned from the platform for two weeks, Twitch later upgraded the ban to permanent after JiDion continued to “harass” Pokimane on social media, leading her to take her Twitter page private. . JiDion publicly apologized to Pokimane, but that wasn’t enough for Twitch to consider revoking his ban.

However, it looks like the pair have let the past slip by and collaborated together, much to the surprise of the streaming community.

When did JiDion and Pokimane collaborate together?

On February 3, YouTuber JiDion shocked his fans when he posted a photo on Twitter showing him eating a burger alongside Twitch streamer Pokimane. JiDion called on her fans to ask the duo questions, but most were mostly completely shocked by the union. For example, one surprised fan said, “Lmao WTF bruh, you’re so unpredictable.” However, others wondered if JiDion used a sneaky bit of photoshop to create the image.

As the tweet made its way to the Livestream Fail subreddit, fans continued to express their shock. User ‘Gazareth’ pretty much nailed it over the head with his comment: “‘Ask me Poki’, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” While others pointed out exactly how Tyler “NinjaBlevins would respond to the union, given that Pokimane has been threatened with a legal battle for “spewing lies” about him after he allegedly tried to have JiDion’s Twitch ban revoked. calm about it all, especially on the Ninja side.

Did JiDion fake the drama with Pokimane for the ad?

After his appearance with Pokimane, JiDion shared an Instagram story in which he answered some questions from his puzzled fans. After fans asked if all the beef was just for commercials, JiDion said, “All your questions will be answered in three to five weeks.” The YouTuber explained that the reason is that he is currently making a video about the situation. However, he pointed out that he was a “cool guy” and that “if you have a disagreement with a person, it can always be fixed”.

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Pokimane made no further comments on Twitter about the pairing, other than to echo JiDion’s own comments after his initial ban from Twitch: “It’s bigger than black and white.”

As of this writing, it’s still unclear when the Q&A between Pokimane and JiDion will take place. However, it will no doubt be a pretty bizarre experience, given how much drama the two may never reconcile. But, for now at least, it looks like the Pokimane and JiDion beef is officially over.

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