Playbill quits Twitter over ‘hate tolerance’

When the outlet posted the message on Friday, the Twitter account with more than 400,000 followers was not active.

NEW YORK — Playbill has decided to shoot a new script as its chapter with social media platform Twitter draws to a close.

Playbill, you know those yellow pamphlets you get at a Broadway show? Internet comedians have reacted to the Broadway theater outlet’s decision to leave the platform due to “the massive expansion [its] tolerance for hate, negativity and misinformation.”

On Friday, when the outlet published the message, the Twitter account with over 400,000 subscribers has not been active.

Playbill’s other related pages – @PLAYBILLder, @PlaybillStore and @PlaybillTravel are also no longer active, according to the outlet.

Reactions to the news of the deactivation were mixed:

Some users were unhappy with Playbill’s decision to leave the platform. One user wrote, “How is Facebook or Instagram morally better?

Twitter user Kevin Osbourne ( @kevin_m_osbourne) expressed his disappointment online, saying, “We need more people standing up against hate, not running from it.”

One user said: “Calling it demagoguery is demagoguery.”

Others tried to see where Playbill came from in their published statement. In addition to offering other social media platforms similar to Twitter that have recently gained popularity:

As Elon Musk continues to tweak Twitter to his liking, he admitted there will be hits and misses.

Other celebrities and brands have complained about Twitter Blue and impersonations on the platform.

A medical pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly clarified on Thursday that their accounts had been spoofed. A fake Twitter account impersonating the company said it would be giving away free insulin.

The account was later suspended and the company released a statement about the incident on its official Twitter page.

Last week, singer Doja Cat was also having trouble like others on the platform when it came to changing the profile name on the site. Elon replied that he was “working on it”.

It will be very interesting to see if other companies and celebrities follow suit as more changes come to Twitter.

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