Outrage grows after conservative host’s remarks on journalist’s Asian reporting



A conservative podcast host faces backlash after making racist comments about Betty Yu, an Asian-American journalist in San Francisco.

On Wednesday, during a segment of his podcast – “Louder with Crowder” – Steven Crowder said, “Oh, that’s an aggressively Asian face” when describing Yu, a reporter for KPIX-TV, a local CBS affiliate.

He was responding to Yu’s media coverage of disputes over In-N-Out Burger’s failure to meet the city’s vaccine requirements.

KPIX reporter Betty Yu.KPIX

He made a lot of remarks about Yu’s characteristics with comments like “it just means if you were a skier it would be like a black diamond. You would have to go through a helicopter.

Crowder ended the segment by saying, “By the way, the reason I’m saying this is because usually with reporters they’re like Americanized Asians. So I think that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing, it’s all Asian.

Guest host Dave Landau said: “I wish she had kept her fan.”

The clip went viral on Twitter Thursday night, and reporters, online users and networks were quick to condemn Crowder’s comments.

Neither Yu nor Crowder responded to NBC News requests for comment.

Yu sat down with KPIX 5 and said, “When I look back, what shocks me the most is the flippancy of racism, that kind of unbridled hatred and mockery.”

Crowder has made offensive comments in the past about women, the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized groups. He received a strike on his YouTube channel last week and was suspended for a week for hate speech after making transphobic remarks in a video. One channel receives warnings if it breaks YouTube community rules, and three warnings will permanently remove it from the platform. YouTube declined to comment.

CBS TV President Jennifer Mitchell and KPIX-TV San Francisco President and CEO Kevin Walsh released a statement supporting Yu.

“CBS TV and KPIX 5 fully support our colleague Betty Yu and condemn the horrific racist comments directed at Betty and the other humiliating Asian stereotypes aired on Steven Crowder’s Wednesday show. We stand in solidarity with Betty, an accomplished journalist and valued member of our CBS family. These hateful and offensive remarks are scandalous and destructive and reaffirm the importance of our work as journalists in shedding light on anti-Asian violence and hate speech when it occurs.

Yu’s colleagues at CBS and reporters from other networks have called on YouTube to take action against Crowder.


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