OC sees Stark increase in hate crimes and incidents in 2020


SANTA ANA (CNS) – Orange County saw a 35% increase in hate crimes from 2019 last year, including an 1,800% increase in incidents targeting Asians as the COVID pandemic -19 which officials say is from China has extended, according to the OC Human Relations Commissionannual report of.

The county has recorded 112 hate crimes in the county. The commission reported that hate crimes have increased “steadily” in the county, with the largest jump between 2016 and last year.

The commission reported a 69% increase in hate incidents in 2020. Hate incidents are defined as moments of a kind of fanaticism that do not constitute a legal hate crime.

Of the 263 incidents recorded, there was a 114% increase in anti-Semitic incidents, an 1,800% increase in incidents targeting people of Asian descent and a 23% increase in anti-Black incidents.

The commission said the most common hate crime was directed against blacks, 27%, followed by anti-Semitic crimes, 11% and 8% against Latinos. These three groups accounted for 46% of reported hate crimes.

Hate crimes in 2020 were directed against a victim’s race, ethnicity or national origin 68% of the time, 21% being motivated by religious intolerance and 11% of the time by fanaticism towards sexual orientation.

There were seven anti-Asian hate crimes and 76 hate incidents last year. This equates to a 40% increase in hate crimes.

Four hate crimes targeted Buddhists last year and none in 2019.

Six of the hate crimes were anti-Arab last year and none in 2019.

Ninety-four of the hate incidents were anti-Semitic, and a dozen hate crimes targeted Jews.

Examples included someone shouting “Chinese (Expletive).” Coronavirus ” in an Asian family near a gas station. A black woman’s neighbor calls her the “n-word” while making a hand gesture indicating a gun.

During a protest following the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota, a man shouted “White power, (expletive) black lives,” and added, “Come to my neighborhood and I’ll show you what white boys are. While calling out with racial epithets and hanging a Trump flag at his window, according to the commission.

The commission also noted a video on Twitter featuring a rap about how the poster wanted to beat immigrants with wooden planks and put their heads on sticks.

A transgender woman was accosted with “you crossdressing, I wish you died, people like you shouldn’t live,” according to the commission.

Last year, as anti-Asian bigotry and xenophobia were on the rise, the commission launched a “Know Better” campaign that included a multimedia campaign competition to raise awareness among middle and high school students, which attracted 100 applications.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has received reports of 30 hate crimes and laying charges in 18 cases. Four of the cases were dismissed and eight required further investigation.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer has created a new hate crimes unit.

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