Man pursues racist tirade against “Shang-Chi” moviegoer



A man from Maryland was assaulted by a racist passer-by moments after leaving a screening of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings Sunday night.

The man, fashion and cosplay photographer Jeff Chan, said he was walking out of a movie theater after a screening of Shang-Chi when a stranger approached. He captured some of the following interactions on video and provided the preparation context via an Instagram caption. According to his legend, the man approached Chan to ask for help. Chan immediately agreed to help the man, but, seeing that he was without a mask, asked the stranger to keep a distance of 6 feet. This apparently triggered the man.

In the video captured by Chan, the man – dressed all in black and wearing a baseball cap – has already stepped up to the point of using the N-word. With his middle finger raised, he repeatedly calls Chan the N word and tells him to “get out of here”. He also appears to threaten Chan, asking him if “you want a gang, N-word?” Stay here.”

In a second video, the man appears to be in even more of a hurry. He follows Chan from an uncomfortably close distance, middle finger pushed forward. He throws a series of racist slurs in Chan’s manner, calling him “f * ggot”, “Chinese bitch”, “pussy” and, according to Chan’s legend, “ch * nk”. After threatening to lock Chan up, the man notes that he needed help getting an Uber, but Chan’s request to keep a safe distance apparently exceeded the limit. Chan claimed, via the caption of the clip, that when a friend of hers tried to intervene, the man said he was not “afraid to hit a woman.”

As the video draws to a close, the enraged man walks past a white man who is resolutely focused on his phone. He hesitates and asks the passer-by if “you want to fuck that guy’s ass”, to which the white man, still eyes on his phone, simply says “no”. Chan said in an interview with NextShark that he believed the incident appeared to be racially motivated. “I think it was definitely motivated by the race because he asked the White if he wanted to help him attack me. Ironically, the movie Shang-Chi just finished, ”he said.

Chan uploaded the video to his Instagram page, which typically houses brilliantly done cosplay photoshoots mixed with occasional fashion photography. He noted, towards the end of the accompanying caption, that he “never thought something like this would happen so close to home.”

Chan refined his post by emphasizing that “Asian hatred is always a thing.”

In the comments section, people expressed their support for Chan and applauded him for handling the “scary” situation.

According to NextShark reports, Chan ultimately decided the man’s behavior warranted a call to the police. He told the publication he feared the man “poses a danger to society, especially since he was standing in front of a movie theater”.

In an odd twist, Chan said he was actually arrested for speaking on the phone while contacting police. The confusion was quickly resolved, but Chan said he was not sure the police actually documented the incident. The Daily Dot has contacted Chan and will update this article if he responds.

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* First published: Sep 7, 2021, 8:27 a.m. CDT

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