Letter: Democrats preach compromise using hate speech | Letters to the Editor

Lately, a series of anti-Republican letters have appeared in the Standard. All demonstrate the writers’ extreme aversion to Republican values ​​and leaders. Many use language that would have been better used to describe America’s enemies in World War II.

The authors of these letters are all democrats. Many use insulting terms to describe opposing Republicans like liar, fascist, Nazi, white supremacist and in one case, cockroaches. They constantly berate Republicans who voted for Trump or hope for his return in 2024. While holding opposing views is admirable, the use of hateful language is not.

A husband/wife team that regularly attacked Trump in the past has now aimed its criticism at the senses. Scott and Graham, whom I consider two of the best lawmakers in Washington. Everyone is reasonable, firm and upright. Above all, they embrace compromise, a quality sorely lacking in Washington, especially among grumpy House members.

Writer blames American’s troubles on FOX News. I say what not to like about FOX News, especially when considering the alternatives. We have MSNBC with “Morning Joe” which never misses an opportunity to blast Trump but ignores the tragic mess on our border. We are subjected to constant reverse racism spouted by CNN anchors. Thank you FOX for bringing America’s attention to the myriad gaffes of the current administration, which the mainstream media and Democrats are ignoring.

I hope angry Democrats will tone down their rhetoric in the new year and strike a more compromising tone toward fellow Republicans. That would be wise – because there will be many more Republicans in Washington next year.

James Haviland


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