Lauren Boebert posts dumbest ‘groomer’ tweet yet and everyone thinks the exact same thing

Rep. Lauren Boebert wants to be number one…to stoke hate speech and violence against LGBTQ Americans.

The Colorado Republican this week vowed to tweet “even more” about “toilets” after a report identified her as the third most influential account to promote “the toilet girl hate narrative”.

The report was produced by the Center for Countering Digital Hate and the Human Rights Campaign in response to “a growing wave of violence, hatred and demonization targeting LGBTQ+ people in the United States”. The authors claim that “the false and baseless lie that LGBTQ+ people ‘marry’ children” has “resulted in offline hate crimes”.

The report found that between January and July there was a 406% increase in tweets “containing slurs such as ‘groomers’ or ‘paedophiles’ in the context of conversations about LGBTQ+ people”.

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He added that offline abuses “like the attempted white supremacist attack on a Pride parade in Idaho and incidents involving neo-Nazis in Florida, did not happen in isolation: extremist rhetoric and attacks against LGBTQ+ people have intensified online and offline in recent months.”

Boebert appeared to wear her shameful contributions like a badge of honor as she promised to speed things up even further.

A screenshot of the list, showing the anti-LGBTQ MP behind only fellow Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene and writer James Lindsay, was posted by far-right account Libs of TikTok, which also ranked fourth on the list.

“Cool they’ve created a handy chart for some of the top accounts on Twitter speaking out against child abuse,” the account wrote.

Boebert retweeted the post, commenting, “My groomer tweets are only third? Guess that means I need to tweet more about those sick, demented groomers.

Whether Boebert makes the list or not, one thing is certain – as long as she tweets imaginary hatred about gay people as a threat to children, people will remind her of the time her husband exposed himself to a minor.

Boebert is known to have hung out with her future husband when she was 17. Around this time, Jayson Steven Boebert pleaded guilty to charges of ‘public indecency and lewd exposure’, after an incident at a bowling alley in which he allegedly pulled out his penis in front of a group of women, including a young one. 16 year old girl.

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Lauren was also present at the time. Jayson was sentenced to four days in jail and two years probation.

Here’s how Twitter responded to Boebert’s grumpy flex:

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