Launch of a new educational portal on cyber hate and your contribution

An educational portal on cyber hate launched in 2021 on

A new educational portal launched last month at for those interested in cyber hate, whether professionals such as teachers, youth workers, representatives of the civil society, politicians or members of the general public, presenting up-to-date, verified information and recommendations in the area of ​​preventing hatred of Jews, Roma and other marginalized groups in the online space . The portal was created as part of the international project “Remember and ACT! (Re-ACT)”, which focuses on investigating modern forms of “old” concepts of hatred such as anti-Gypsyism and anti-Semitism.

The project is a joint production of the International Network Against Cyber ​​Hate (INACH) in the Netherlands, the organization ROMEA in the Czech Republic, the organization LICRA in France and the research company SYNYO in Austria. “A crucial part of the project is the sharing of knowledge and experiences,” says Selma Muhić, who coordinates the project for INACH.

“Since most of the direct eyewitnesses to the horrors of the Holocaust are no longer with us, and on the contrary the number of those who doubt the impact of Nazi ideology increases, activities like this these are becoming more and more necessary “, explains Muhić.” The pedagogical portal contains numerous teaching aids, examples of activities that have been implemented, a library, examples of good practices and a map of the main organizations dedicated to area of ​​hate online.

The portal is currently in the testing phase and the organizers are seeking the opinions of professionals and the public. “We would be happy if other people contribute their material on combating forms of hate that occur online and identify their organizations on the map of those entities, for example,” said Muhić.

“Take a look at how the virtual education portal could contribute to the activities of your organization,” she encourages anyone interested in the fight against hate. The aim of the project is to raise awareness, based on in-depth analysis, of what hate practices and hate speech are in the online space, who commits them, why they are and how cyberspace can. to be defended against them effectively.

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