Latest from Liz Truss: Benefits will rise with inflation, not wages, hints Kwasi Kwarteng

DAmian Green, the former work and pensions secretary, said Liz Truss ‘probably didn’t’ win the support of the House of Commons to prevent an inflation-linked benefit hike.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘If people are already in trouble, and many of them will be, then making them struggle further is not a sensible response to the problems.

“I totally agree with the Prime Minister when she says you have to see this in the trick, but in the trick it doesn’t make sense to give an extra £1,200 in bills help of energy to the poorest people in the country and then say but we’re going to get hundreds of pounds back from that, that militates against the government’s own bailout so I don’t see the point of that.

When asked if the Prime Minister could secure a non-inflation-linked benefit increase through the Commons, Mr Payouts are not the way to do it.

“As I said, cutting the welfare bill can be done in many ways, there are other ways to do it and of course that illustrates the larger political problem of where to find cuts, the two largest government budgets are health and social care and it is politically difficult to cut either budget.

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