LA Times, why didn’t attack on Texas synagogue make headlines?

For the editor: Barely two weeks into 2022, American Jews are under attack again, and many of us are growing increasingly concerned about anti-Semitism in our country – increasingly overt and violent hatred.

This hatred and its violence is very important and frightening for many people, both Jewish and non-Jewish. However, in the January 16 print edition, you buried an Associated Press story about the previous day’s hostage-taking at a Texas synagogue on page A-14.

Shame on you for not giving him the coverage he deserved.

Janice Tarr, Los Angeles


For the editor: I am deeply disappointed that the Times has ended the hostage-taking at a synagogue in Texas. This is national news of great importance.

In Los Angeles alone last year, anti-Jewish hate crimes accounted for 88% of all religious hate crimes. Yet the Jews are an ethnic-religious group and not “only” a religion, as is regularly reported. Nationally, the numbers are rising from both extremes, right and left, as the standoff in Texas makes clear.

Anti-Jewish hatred and discrimination is a long ignored crisis that has ramifications for our democracy and other forms of hatred. Jews are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. When will these attacks stop?

Ida Kelley, Tustin

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