It’s an illusion to think that the Democrats help the country


“The government is working under the direction of the Democrats” (reading eagle, August 25) has no basis in reality. America has its highest inflation rate in 40 years. People are struggling to pay their bills, put food on their table or gas in their car, and now they have to pay other people’s student loans, even if they pay theirs or don’t have the means to go to university themselves. This is madness.

If this administration is doing so well, why is President Joe Biden’s approval so low? We have cut funding for the police and weakened our military, and now we are indoctrinating school children with gender identity, preferred pronouns, critical race theory, and hatred of the police and American history. Meanwhile, we lag behind other countries in terms of education.

We have open borders, with millions of unchecked illegal immigrants and tons of drugs pouring into our country. We have high crime rates with revolving doors for too many criminals. The FBI has been politicized and interfered in the last two US elections. With the raid on President Donald Trump’s home, the office is working on interference number three.

Democrats defend baby murder clinics and only want equal justice and free speech for themselves. Any thought or comment to the contrary is called hate speech.

The so-called Inflation Reduction Act is a bribe for young voters that will actually increase inflation.
To consider what the Democrats have accomplished as phenomenal is an illusion.

May God continue to bless America.

Dottie Werner
Washington Township

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