Iranian President Raisi says homosexuality is “nothing but savagery”



The US-based Center for Human Rights in Iran noted in its fact sheet released Tuesday that “Iranian government officials engage in hate speech against the LGBTQ community, which encourages the state and societal violence against individuals. For example, Ebrahim Raisi, who is now president, said in 2014 (when he was running the Iranian justice system) that homosexuality is nothing but savagery.

Peter Tatchell, prominent British LGBTQ activist and human rights activist said Jerusalem post that “Raisi’s fanatical and ignorant views are rife among the Iranian religious and political elite. They sanction the death penalty for consenting homosexual relations. This is the real savagery, as well as the torture of political prisoners. Raisi is believed to be involved in the barbaric execution of thousands of dissidents in the 1980s.

He added that “the end of the death penalty and the criminalization of homosexuality should be additional preconditions for the lifting of sanctions against Iran. According to the Centre’s research, “Iran is one of six countries to impose the death penalty on acquaintances” and “The death penalty can and has been applied to LGBTQ minors.”

In 2019, Jerusalem post reported that the Islamic Republic publicly hanged a man based on the Iranian regime’s anti-gay law.

The centre’s additional findings include “flogging and imprisonment are also imposed for many homosexual acts and cross-dressing” in Iran and “activists convicted of national security crimes for peacefully defending LGBTQ people.”

The Center noted that “honor killings by LGBTQ family members are encouraged by lenient laws” and that “77% of LGBTQ people interviewed in Iran said they had experienced violence in homes and communities. “.

The Iranian regime uses brutal methods of torture to target LGBTQ people. According to the Center, “LGBTQ people are routinely forced into dangerous conversion therapy to ‘cure’ them of their ‘disorder’, which uses electric shocks, psychoactive drugs, sterilization and shame, and that the UN said “amounts to torture.”

Iranians who are not “cured” by alleged physical and mental forms of torture are forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery (SRS), the Center wrote.

The Center added that “transgender people must undergo SNS or risk prosecution, which explains the extremely high rate of SNS in Iran. Yet SRS in Iran is extremely dangerous – although state-subsidized, the preoperative process is abusive, surgery is typically performed by poorly trained surgeons, and botched procedures and poor follow-up care often lead to medical complications. permanent.

IRAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS Mohammad Javad Zarif in Caracas last year. (credit: FAUSTO TORREALBA / REUTERS)
Iranian regime officials, including former foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, have championed the regime’s murderous homophobia.

Zarif said in 2019 in response to a question about the execution of homosexuals: “Our society has moral principles. And we live by these principles. These are moral principles concerning the behavior of people in general. And that means the law is obeyed, and the law is obeyed.

Many Iranian observers and many Western governments consider Zarif a moderate. Ali Larijani, the former speaker of the Iranian parliament, declared in January 2011 that the death penalty for homosexuality is “effective in protecting society from perversion”. Larijani also denied the Holocaust.


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