India slams Bloc statement on hate speech and hijab ban

New Delhi: India on Tuesday slammed the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for ‘motivated’ comments against it and accused the group of having a ‘community mindset’, a day after the bloc expressed his concerns about Haridwar hate speech and the hijab ban in Karnataka. .

External Affairs Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi also said the OIC continues to be “hijacked” by “special interests” to carry out their “nefarious propaganda” against India, seen as a reference to thinly veiled in Pakistan.

In a statement, the OIC General Secretariat expresses “deep concern” over hate speech in Haridwar, “reported incidents of harassment of Muslim women on social media sites” and dispute over dress code in Karnataka.

“We have noted another reasoned and misleading statement by the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on issues relating to India,” Bagchi said.

He said that issues in India are considered and resolved in accordance with the country’s constitutional framework and mechanisms, as well as democratic ethics and politics.

“The community mindset of the OIC Secretariat does not allow for a good appreciation of these realities. The OIC continues to be hijacked by special interests to carry on their infamous propaganda against India,” Bagchi said.

“As a result, it only harmed his own reputation,” he said.

Bagchi’s reaction came in response to questions from the media about the statement from the OIC, a grouping of Muslim-majority nations.

In its statement, the OIC General Secretariat referred to “the continued attacks targeting Muslims and their places of worship, the recent trend of anti-Muslim legislations in various states and the increase in incidents of violence against Muslims under futile excuses” by “Hindutva” groups.

“The OIC General Secretariat once again urges India to ensure the safety, security and welfare of the Muslim community while protecting the way of life of its members and to bring to justice the instigators and perpetrators of violence and hate crimes against them,” It said.

India last week dismissed criticism from some countries over the hijab ban in some educational institutions in Karnataka and said “reasoned comments” on the country’s internal problems were not welcome.

“Our constitutional framework and mechanisms, as well as our democratic and political ethos, are the context in which issues are considered and resolved. Those who know India well will have a good appreciation of these realities. Reasoned comments about our internal problems are not welcome,” Bagchi said.

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