Impact champion Moose says people hate him because he does a good job


Impact world champion Moose says he doesn’t care if people hate him because it means he’s doing his job well.

IMPACT World Champion Moose celebrates Bound For Glory victory at IMPACT Wrestling October 28, 2021

People got really mad when Moose beat Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship at this year’s Bound For Glory PPV. In fact, several morons were so angry with Moose that they directed racist abuse against him… in person and online.

Moose shocked the wrestling world at Bound For Glory on October 23 when he cashed in a guaranteed championship opportunity (which he earned by winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet earlier in the evening) over fan favorite Josh Alexander, who had won the title from Christian Cage moments earlier. As infuriating as it was to see Josh Alexander having his dreams crushed in front of his family, the angle was actually well executed, and Moose and fulfilled his role perfectly.

Moose and Josh Alexander with the Impact Wrestling World Championship at Bound For Glory 2021.

I feel like if you know pro wrestling and old school booking you should have seen it comingMoose said during a recent appearance on the Juice Pro Wrestling podcast.I say this because early in the night I won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Wrestling 101, unless it’s old school WWE where they don’t mind putting the title on a babyface and keeping it for a year, catch 101, who chases the title? A baby face,” He continued. “If I don’t cash that night, you have a stub with the trophy that can be cashed out at any time. Technically, the heel is the baby because I would be chasing it. I felt like I had to get rid of it ASAP so I didn’t continueg. ”

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After Moose won the gold medal, angry fans targeted him with verbal abuse, some of which was racist.

I don’t care what people think. They can hate me, they can love me. If they hate me, I do a good job“exclaimed the champion.”I just hate that it happens where people hate me so much that it turns into reality and they call me the N word and DM me racist stuff. Is it that bad? Are you tumbling over things that aren’t real to disrespect me?” he added.

Like it or not, the Age of the Moose is here, a fact the man himself made it very clear when he cast a shadow over the WWE Champions and the AEW on his promotion to victory.

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