I’m a makeup artist and hate to shell out £20 on a Beauty Blender – found some brilliant dupes for just £1.50 each

They are supposed to be one of the best sponges in the industry.

But the beauty blenders don’t come cheap – costing £17 each.


Xanthe Haden has found brilliant Beauty Blender dupes for just £1.50 eachCredit: TikTok/@xanthehaden
The mixers come in a pack of five for just £7.59


The mixers come in a pack of five for just £7.59Credit: amazon

And a make-up artist is so sick of shelling out almost £20 for a sponge that she decided to scout for cheaper dupes.

“I normally use real techniques or beauty blenders, but I pay a little too much money for a sponge,” Xanthe Haden said in a video on her TikTok page.

“A sponge is a sponge. So I did some research on TikTok and came across this set here.”

She then held up a five-pack of blenders, in yellow, blue, red, purple and green, which she purchased from Amazon.

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“There are about 70,000 reviews on these and every review is glowing,” Xanthe continued.

“I have to say they are very very squishy, ​​very similar in texture and feel exactly like a beauty blender.

“I have a pack of five and they come in such pretty colors too.”

The five-pack costs just £7.59, meaning each sponge costs around £1.50.

“Closest thing to a beauty blender, wow,” Xanthe captioned her video.

Ahead of a wedding in the scorching weekend heat, she also stocked up on puffs, to use when doing her makeup for the bridal party and also to give as gifts.

“It’s going to boil, so I’m going to give the bridesmaids and the bride one of these to have with them throughout the day,” she said.

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“I’ll fill it with powder for them.”

The puffs she was referring to come in a bag of 12 for just £4.99.

She also said she liked the bright colors of the five-pack


She also said she liked the bright colors of the five-packCredit: TikTok/@xanthehaden

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