“I now hate music”: Simon Cowell brings LOL as he joins The Wiggles


They might be the most unlikely couple in showbiz, but The Wiggles and Simon Cowell are actually comedy gold!

Simon cowell is the king of variety shows on TV and boasts A direction and Susan boyle as graduates of his England has an incredible talent and X factor franchisees.

But it looks like Mr Cowell has met his match against Australian icons, The Wiggles.

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Britain’s Got Talent’s Simon Cowell joins The Wiggles in a hilarious new commercial for Uber Eats. Source: Supplied

The famous talent show judge appears alongside Emma, Lachy, Simon and Antoine – The Wiggles – in a new commercial for Uber eats, and the results are hilarious.

In the clip, Simon Cowell plays Gray Wiggle – a sullen, unemotional character, who gives the famous quartet a lick for their eye-catching Uber Eats jingle.

“Tonight, I’m going to eat spiced rice, zucchini linguine, flame-grilled chicken,” sang Anthony and Lachy to a catchy guitar tune.

“I’ve already eaten,” Simon growled.

“Oh, Gray Wiggle,” Emma sang. “Dinner is best eaten when eaten together.”

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Simon Cowell and the Wiggles

Simon Cowell appears alongside Emma, ​​Lachy, Simon and Anthony – The Wiggles – in a new commercial for Uber Eats, and the results are hilarious. Source: Supplied

It was then that Simon raised his hand to stop the group from singing any more. “Thank you. Congratulations. I now hate music.”

Red Wiggle chuckled, “I love the Gray Wiggle.”

The multi-award-winning musicians of ARIA are celebrating 30 years of the founding of The Wiggles by calling on Australians to audition for a place in their lineup before revealing more campaign interactions with Simon Cowell.

Other Wiggles characters will appear in future reports, including all-world-wide Henry the Octopus favorites – created especially for the latest Uber Eats campaign.

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In the clip, Simon Cowell plays Gray Wiggle, alongside Emma, ​​Lachy, Simon and Anthony. Source: Supplied

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