Huening Bahiyyih of Kep1st aware of online hate, reveals his uncle



Kep1er member and Girls Planet 999 finalist Heuning Bahiyyih’s uncle Vincent has revealed that the young idol is well aware of the hate she receives on the internet.

Since MNet’s idol audition show Girls Planet 999 announced the name and roster of new girl group, Kep1er, its members have come under intense scrutiny.

Each viewer having their personal favorites, some animosity towards the winning group is expected. But most of the hate seems to be aimed at Huening Bahiyyih, who happens to be the younger brother of two K-Pop idols, TXT’s Kai and former VIVA member, and current influencer Lea Huening.

Recently, Bahiyyih’s uncle Vincent Huening revealed that the idol read several of the hate messages she received.

Why does Huening Bahiyyih, Girls Planet 999 finalist and Kep1er member, receive hate?

The 17-year-old was already well known before her appearance on Girls Planet 999 because of her famous siblings, mainly Kai. However, her connection to the star was not revealed to the other attendees of the show until the second episode. While Bahiyyih has proven his talent throughout the show, several viewers have expressed their displeasure with his second place in the final roster.

The charming singer’s rank was relatively low throughout the reality show, with Bahiyyih holding a ranking of 13 overall in the penultimate episode. Many thought that she would not make it to the final roster, which consisted of the top 9 members.

Imagine getting the most hate out of all of the contestants, but still able to debut! Bahiyyih you are really the best! 👏👏👏…

the girl was abused by mnet, had hatred for no reason, her potential was questioned, was called privileged, had almost no screen time, but she was part of the premiere team because she’s talented, because she deserves to make her debut. huening bahiyyih congratulations my baby

However, when Girls Planet 999 switched to the controversial single vote system, Bahiyyih’s rank soared. The colossal fan of the artist who followed voted for her, ensuring that Bahiyyih finished in 2nd position, with 923,567 points and the maximum number of votes among all.

Bahiyyih fans aside, viewers of the show were bowled over by the end result, with many believing others to be more deserving of it. The wave of hatred towards the singer has grown so huge that fans, who call themselves Hiyyihlights, complained to the singer’s agency, Play M Entertainment.

“Won’t you feel like it’s deserved even if it’s excluded?” “

“I guess being cursed is also a position.”

Vincent, Huening Bahiyyih’s uncle, reveals interesting information

In light of these hateful comments, the revelation of Huening Bahiyyih’s uncle could cause enemies to reconsider their malicious comments.

Vincent, who has been a strong supporter of the three Huening siblings, in response to a fan’s worried post, said

“Bahiyyih was aware of the controversy and negativity during GP999”,

the fact that bahiyyih’s uncle said bahiyyih realized all the hatred she received – now you all have to shut your mouth en. it’s too much.

Bahiyyih’s uncle also revealed that despite the comments, the Kep1er member appears to handle negativity well and his confidence in his abilities is intact.

“She actually got even better as the show progressed.”

Vincent Heuning also appeased fans by saying he doesn’t think the hateful “attacks” on Bahiyyih will affect his career throughout Kep1er’s two-and-a-half-year contract.

In another post, Vincent also referred to Bahiyyih’s siblings, saying

“I know it’s horrible to think that [Bahiyyih’s] or the feelings of his siblings will be hurt, but all three are confident in their abilities and talents.

@mochiyyih Mr. Vincent is actually vocal in supporting his niece and nephew and comfortable interacting with their fans, it’s not like we are flooding him with messages, in fact he is the first to send us messages sometimes.

Instead of being upset and angry at the wave of hate, Vincent Huening asked Bahiyyih fans to continue to support and encourage her. He encouraged Hiyyihlights to continue to broadcast Bahiyyih fancams.

“Soon there will be more reasons to love and admire Bahiyyih.”

Uncle Vincent Huening also left a comment on his Facebook page, expressing his desire to help Hiyyihlights (as well as Hueningkai’s “Ningdungies” and Lea’s “Leamons”) overcome the obstacles posed by hate.

“For the final GP999 Top 9 to get to where it is, 90-girl fans must have experienced disappointment and frustration.”

Adding that Bahiyyih is the “easiest target” to express their frustrations with his “famous brotherhood story”.

So someone texted me yesterday and asked me to tweet this comment from Bahiyyih’s uncle. Here is his message for Hiyyihlights ♡ Photo crdts: @txtmyvoice

Vincent has been a strong supporter of Bahiyyih and his siblings, often commenting on their videos and posts.

Vincent 승찬 (@ .kkmn99) left a comment on Huening Kai’s tiktok?!?! ??! it’s a tiktoker and a selebgram. GODDDDDDDD I was a fan of him

Vincent Huening is actively involved with fans of the idols, taking a moment to thank them for their support.

Uncle vincent thanked me for supporting TXT and the huening family on FB, I’m so happy

Huening Bahiyyih and his fellow Kep1er members are set to debut in December. While WAKEONE Entertainment (co-managing agency Kep1er) has asked fans to report any hatred or defamation they see to their headquarters, Play M Entertainment has yet to indicate whether they plan to take legal action. suing malicious commentators.

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