Hate in the Western Balkans at a Glance


The “Block hate.” Share the love! ”Regional campaign aimed at combating the phenomenon of hate speech, thereby raising awareness among the general public of the imminent danger of hate speech and its negative effects in Western Balkan societies. This week, the campaign connects with followers and enables them to learn more about existing patterns of hate speech in the region, as well as some social groups particularly vulnerable to hate speech.

The new series of fact sheets identifies the most common forms of hatred in the region. Each fact sheet provides statistics on the groups and individuals concerned; it highlights persistent challenges and good practices, including references to relevant and applicable European standards; and provides advice on how to proceed.

Some examples of issues addressed in the sheets: did you know that hatred towards and among certain groups of young people is quite widespread in the Western Balkans? This is called bullying, which these days usually happens online and is difficult to counter. The two children who are bullied and who bully others can have serious and lasting problems, as an academic article revealed. Each of us can do better and deliver messages of tolerance and respect that will provide counter-narratives to hate speech, as well as try to encourage victims to report hate incidents to the appropriate authorities.

Do you know that hate crimes and speech against LGBTI people is one of the most prevalent forms of hatred in the region? You can read more on one of our fact sheets provided in the link below, where you can also find good examples on how to ensure non-aggressive but effective communication on topics related to the sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual characteristics.

In addition to hatred against LGBTI people and young people, fact sheets will help identify facts and figures on the following recurring forms of hatred targeting vulnerable groups in the region: against the Roma community, religious groups, people with disabilities, migrants, women and girls.


Follow the campaign on the dedicated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Join us in our efforts to ensure that love will always prevail in our society.

The campaign is implemented as part of the action on “Promotion of diversity and equality in the Western Balkans”, Which is part of the joint European Union / Council of Europe program“ Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022 ”, implemented by the Anti-Discrimination Service of the Council of Europe.

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