Hate crime charges against LI man in attacks on Hispanic men


FARMINGVILLE, NY (AP) – A Long Island man was arraigned on Monday for hate crimes after authorities said he targeted three Hispanic men for attacks.

Christopher Cella, 19, of Selden, New York, was arrested after police said he separately picked up two Hispanic men on Friday at sites where day laborers congregate and drove them to different places he picked them up. assaulted. Cella is also accused of picking up another Hispanic man on Saturday who managed to get out of the car.

Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini said the charges against Cella included reckless endangerment and unlawful imprisonment as hate crimes.

An email requesting comment was sent to his lawyer.

Police accuse Cella of first picking up a 52-year-old man in Farmingville, New York on Friday and taking him to an abandoned construction site where he attacked him.

Authorities said he then went to another location where he picked up a 60-year-old man and took him to a condominium, where they alleged he attacked and strangled him before man cannot escape.

Police said Cella picked up a 47-year-old man on Saturday and tried to take him somewhere, but the man grew suspicious and got out of the car. Authorities said Cella attempted to hit him with the car.

Cella was arrested at his home on Sunday. When he appeared in court, he was released on probation with GPS monitoring and was due to return to court on Friday.

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