Hashtag Trending, June 29, 2021 – Canadian Hate Speech Laws; Blackberry Memes Stock Status; AI playing matchmaker for employment


Canadian government plans to introduce hefty fines for online hate speech, Blackberry CEO takes a stand on Wall Street Bets relationship with action, and AI is becoming more prevalent in the search market employment.

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Canada will make hate speech online a crime punishable by a fine of $ 16,000 of Technology

The Canadian government is moving forward with new legislation that would make hate speech online a federal crime. First reported by CBC, the law would introduce fines of up to $ 20,000 for the first offenses and fines of up to $ 50,000 for a second offense. In one Youtube Live, Canadian Attorney General David Lametti spoke at length on the issue, defending the government’s decision, which some fear may infringe certain freedoms of expression. Lametti explained that the law is designed to punish the most extreme forms of hatred which “express the detestation or defamation of a person or group on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination”. The Canadian government plans to release a more detailed report on the bill in the coming weeks.

Blackberry CEO John Chen said the company had no plans to respond to its “Meme-Stock” investors on Reddit’s Wall Street Bets subreddit. Chen clarified that the company will continue to focus “on the fundamentals” in a TV interview with Bloomberg last Friday. Chen’s comments follow several investor outreach initiatives led by other Reddit favorites such as AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, which recently launched a new portal rewarding shareholders with perks like free movies and concessions. While retail investors in online forums have turned to several so-called “Meme-Stocks,” financial analysts remain much more bearish on the Canadian company, which saw sales and revenues decline in its first quarter. tax. BlackBerry has come a long way since it was known for building smartphones, and now focuses heavily on securing IoT devices and boosting security in the automotive and healthcare industries.

And finally, a report of MIT Technology Review about the rise of AI in the job search market has sparked discussion online. The report details how AI tools are used to assess everything from facial expressions and voice of a potential employee to trying to figure out their personality through their social media accounts. Additionally, he says the AI ​​hiring revolution has spread to most Fortune 500 companies, including industry powerhouses such as McDonald’s, Hilton, and IBM. The idea behind the increased presence of AI in these processes is to eliminate bias forces and select the ideal candidates. In response, however, concerns have been expressed about the covert nature of these tools, which are mandated by the federal government to verify racial prejudice. Namely, the review of MIT technology suggests an increased presence of third-party inquiries to fully verify the legitimacy of vendor claims.

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