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Mayor Wheeler is to appoint a “trash czar” of Portland. Television workshop for children

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Oh ! I just remembered to remember something! Next Tuesday, May 17, is primary election day here in Oregon, and boy-oh-boy is that a big day. There are plenty of sketchy characters running for office, especially against Jo Ann Hardesty, and you don’t want to be the ding-dong who accidentally votes for one of them, do you? That’s why you should trust the always reliable Mercury Electoral endorsements (here) or the Mercury Election cheat sheet (here)! Now let’s go, yuh (the NEWS, that is).


• Police arrested Michael Bivins, a former freelance journalist, for recent attacks on three local religious centers – The Congregation Beth Israel, Muslim Community Center of Portland and Shir Tikvah Congregation/Eastside Jewish Commons – and the leaders of these centers have spoke with our Isabella Garcia to remind everyone that hate crimes like these are on the rise in Oregon and across the country.

• On Friday evening, four Portland police officers exchanged fire with a suspect, shooting and seriously injuring the driver during a traffic stop. At this point, officers have not revealed why they arrested the person, but said it was for multiple violations. Additionally, two of the cops are named in a lawsuit related to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, and our Isabella Garcia has more.

• Mayor Wheeler announced that he was appointing a…wait… “TRASH CZAR” which will link all city offices and various cleanup efforts under one central command and then report to the mayor. We don’t know yet who this “TRASH CZAR” will be… but if they make hats for the position, I would like one.

• Speaking of TRASH CZARS: beware, trash lovers! It’s time once more for THE TRASH REPORT. This week, the gossip columnist (and the Mercury‘s Trash Czar) Elinor Jones tackles conservative bitch shaming, the Met Gala and some *very* perverted dolphins. Oh dear!

• The annual LGBTQ celebration, Keizer Pride Fair in Keizer, Oregon, will not take place this year due to threats from extremist groups and claims the city is not doing enough to protect attendees.


• Vladimir Putin was expected to ring the gong for all-out war in his VE Day speech today, but apparently his army’s few gains in the Ukraine slowed his progress. Instead, he continued to spread the lie that his invasion was meant to stop the spread of Nazism in Europe. (Uh-huh.) And now reports are coming in that Russian officers refuse orders move forward in Ukraine.

• According to the Biden administration, the country is “Serious risk” of a national ban on abortion after Mitch McConnell suggested Republicans could make such a thing ‘possible’ if SCOTUS overthrows deer.

• Oh no! The demonstrators are peacefully protest outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices! And they say, “Listen, I’m just trying to take away a basic human right from millions of people…why are you being so rude to meeeee???”

• RELATED (and because if you give them a thumbs up, they’ll want 100 miles): “GOP Senators Urge Television Ratings Board to Warn Viewers of ‘Disturbing’ LGBTQ Content.”

• Congratulation to the Washington Post which won the Pulitzer Prize in public service journalism for their in-depth reporting on the January 6 nationwide terrorist attack on the nation’s capital.

• And finally… me, looking for stories to put in Good Afternoon, News.

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