Gay man knocked out and brutally beaten in homophobic hate crime



Gay man suffers spinal cord injury, eye socket fracture and broken nose after being the target of a homophobic hate crime.

Content Warning: This story may include topics that may make some readers uncomfortable.

The attack took place right next to a pier in a city park in San Diego, Calif., Around 9:30 p.m. on September 12.

Gersson Saavedra remembers very little of his ordeal and remains in hospital as he recovers from his injuries.

“I was at the Cesar Chavez Park Pier in Barrio Logan,” Saavedra told NBC San Diego. “When we left the event, I fell behind my friends, Martin and Sunny.”

Saavedra’s friends help her piece together what happened the night of the attack.

He continued, “My friend said these two guys asked me for a lighter.

“The moment they like to turn around, I was getting, you know, a punch.

“I was basically touching the ground at the time.”

Homophobic slurs such as f **** t were shouted at the victim during the incident before the two culprits fled the scene.

“The first thing I remember when I woke up in the hospital bed was one of the doctors asking me if I was gay,” Saavedra added.

“I was like, that’s such a strange question to ask, but I said sure. And he said to me, ‘Okay, you’ve been the victim of a hate crime.’ “


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