Famous TikTok couple marry after 5 months of dating despite hate over their 37-year age gap


Cheryl and Quran McCain got married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the first week of September 2021. Image provided by Cheryl.

  • American couple Cheryl (61) and Quran McCain (24) have become a sensation on TikTok, best known for their dance moves.
  • Lovebirds are constantly criticized online for their age difference, but that hasn’t stopped them from being affectionate and sharing their romance.
  • After months of dating, they tied the knot in September and can’t wait to spend forever together.

Cheryl and Koran McCain’s love story was an instant hit on TikTok. Their videos record numbers never imagined by the lovebirds based in the United States.

But this fairy tale is unique because there is an age gap of 37 years between them. She is 61 years old and the Koran is 24 years old.

Cheryl says she’s never had a stronger bond with another man. “We’re so in sync, it’s like I’m feeling what he’s feeling and vice versa,” she told W24.

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Cheryl rose to fame months ago when she decided to dance and share her moves online.

“When I shared it, I instantly got 8,000 likes. I never planned on going viral,” said the happy new bride.

The tastes came with a certain nastiness that left the new bride discouraged, but the Quran encouraged her. She then posted a video appreciating her dancing with the Quran in May with the caption: “I was going to stop doing TikToks because of all the hate, but a great soul from my past raised me. like it because i was really going to delete the app. i’ve been bullied my whole life because of my eating disorder and i like you king. “

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Cheryl and Quran McCain on their wedding day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Image provided by Cheryl

Since that day the videos of them dancing and creating funny videos have been a hit. They’ve been together for five and a half months and have already walked down the aisle. A TikTok video of their September wedding has reached over five million views.

However, their social media fame is still not always accepted, and a lot of nasty comments are made, mostly about their age gap, dancing, or Cheryl’s appearance.

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Despite this, they were married in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, one day, according to Cheryl, was extremely special to her. She wore a long white dress and sandals on her wedding day.

“He’s my soul mate, he makes me really happy, and I make him happy. He’s in tune with his emotions, which brings us so close, and that’s what I love most about him. said yes because I felt it in my heart that there was an unbreakable connection. ”

In August, Cheryl posted a TikTok video crying: “I got lost, my self-esteem is so low, I don’t feel beautiful anymore. I spent years building my self-esteem for TikTok to destroy her. in a few months. I’m still fighting, but it’s an uphill battle when people constantly come over for my appearance. “

“We ignore hate as much as possible. Some days it gets to us, but we lift each other up. The worst things they say are about my face and my age. Others say it isn’t pansexual but he’s gay. I don’t make him worry about what nobody has to say about him or his past because we’re the future. ”

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