Emily Atack Shows Off Dramatic New Hairstyle, Says She Might ‘Hate It’

Emily Atack has unveiled her spectacular new hairstyle.

The Inbetweeners actress, who was linked to Jack Grealish last year, revealed the makeover to fans.

And she heartbreakingly told them that she wasn’t sure how she looked.

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In a massive change for Emily, she debuted a bold new haircut.

But doing it hasn’t won her over yet – and she tells fans she might “hate it with all my heart”.

“Fringe yes or no?” Emily asked fans in the caption of her social media post.

“I can’t tell if I love him or hate him with all my heart and soul.”

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Yesterday she posed for another selfie, saying: “This week’s little ray of sunshine has been nice. I’m waiting for the smell of that first premature barbecue. My money is in mid-February. And it will be at my house. See you soon.”

“Emily is absolutely gorgeous as always,” Steve said.

Rob said: ‘Very beautiful as always Emily have a great day take care stay safe’

“It was sunny here in Plymouth, it’s cold and cloudy now,” groaned Andrew.

Ray remarked, “WOW absolutely stunning as always Emily”

Emily rose to fame on The Inbetweeners before becoming an ITV Celebrity Juice star. She also appeared in I’m A Celebrity on ITV 1.

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