Did Twitch ban Andrew Tate?

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social media personality Andrew Tate has been embroiled in controversy lately as his comments about the treatment of women have spread across the internet and influenced children. Tate ran a YouTube channel and had a large following on TikTok, with the hashtag Andrew Tate on TikTok having billions of views.

However, recently, he has been absent from his social media accounts, with his Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts all having been banned last week. One of the ways his followers have watched him is through Tate’s Twitch account. As most of his other means of getting his speech out to the public were closed to him, all eyes turned to his Twitch account to see if Twitch followed suit. So, is Andrew Tate’s Twitch account banned?

Did Twitch ban Andrew Tate’s account?


As of this writing, Andrew Tate hasn’t been banned on Twitch, however, that doesn’t seem to have stopped the man from seemingly deleting his Twitch account. It’s very likely that his removal is to circumvent Twitch rules, because if Tate’s TateSpeech channel were to be banned, Tate wouldn’t be able to appear on anyone else’s Twitch channel lest they share the same fate. As Andrew Tate is a controversial personality, he’s been known to guest on a number of Twitch channels, so this is likely a ploy to keep collaborators happy.

That doesn’t mean Twitch won’t ban it anyway, as there have been a number of appeals against Twitch for not banning it already. One Twitch streamer, iamfallfromgrace, tweeted: “So Andrew Tate is now banned on all platforms… except @Twitch… We no longer need streamers on Tate’s platform and allowing him to further spread his blatant hatred of women.

This is definitely a highlight, if Tate isn’t banned on Twitch, he can continue to appear on different Twitch channels and spread the same opinions that resulted in his bans in the first place. Twitch generally has no problem imposing bans when streamers do things that violate their code of conduct, such as nudity or hate speech. Since Tate’s frequent controversies seem to involve hate speech, he should fall into the latter.

The Tate bans have passed like dominoes, so we’ll have to see what Twitch’s next move is. Maybe Tate will start his own pirate radio station from his home in Romania, and then no one will have to pay attention to him on social media, not that they can because he’s banned on most of the internet anyway. platforms.

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