Crispy Roast Potato Hack with Ingredients People Will Love or Hate

Roasted potatoes are an essential part of a Sunday dinner.

But how you cook them can be controversial.

Over the years there have been many tips and tricks including stock cubes and maple syrup.

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But one cook has suggested the cooking pot may be the secret to perfect roasts.

A social media user, known as Mel C, shared a photo of his roast potatoes, with Marmite glaze, on the Rate My Plate Facebook group, the Daily Star reports.

The post got a lot of attention, earning 25,000 likes and 34,000 comments.

Despite Marmite’s “love it or hate it” slogan, it seemed most of the group’s followers loved the idea.

One wrote: “Two of my favorite things – the cooking pot and the roast potatoes.”

As another added: “These are delicious, I made them the other day.”

A third said, “Mmm…might have to try them! I love the roast potatoes…and I love the marmite.”

And a fourth commented: “The pot roast potatoes are the best and taste amazing! Always have to make double to get more after.”

Others weren’t so sure though, as one social media outlet said: “I hope you have a strong stomach, too many of them and it will be a disaster…”

A second said: “I love the roasts and they look amazing. The only thing is you killed them with the pot.”

And another user also suggested a way to make potatoes even better – adding cheese to them.

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